White belly dance costumes Aida Style

White belly dance costume is associated with a holiday and celebration! White is a phenomenal and multifaceted color that comes in a myriad of shades. Each tone has a subtle nuance that allows dancers to choose the perfect stage outfit. For our belly dancing costumes, we use high quality silk fabrics with delicate pearl shine in different shades. A dazzling snow-white shade, distinguished by impeccability and purity. This tone is white without shades and impurities. Milk or white-off tone is wonderful and very popular. At the peak of popularity for a solemn BD event, the shade of ivory , which combines white with pale yellow. As a result of the combination of white and gold, you will get a truly chic look!

In white, we have a huge scope for fantasy – lace, pearls, sequins, crystals, everything to make you feel especially like a brideView our collection of white belly dance costume for sale and order here Online Store White

Haven’t found the perfect option? Welcome to place your custom order! We will be happy to send you pictures and videos of all available fabrics, help you with the choice, answer all questions. Any changes and additions in design are possible, we can also bring your idea to life. Contact Us So that as a result you get your perfect white belly dance costume!

For your inspiration, a selection of white belly dance outfits in Pinterest


The white belly dance costume symbolizes luxury and looks beautiful in the spotlight and also gives the face a pleasant tone and freshness. White looks chic and elegant in combination with gold, various jewelry, rhinestones, pearls and lace.

By choosing a white outfit for your next belly dance performance, you can create gentle and innocent image; “expensive” and elegant image: dramatic image; bright and cheerful image.

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