Purple belly dance costume

The Purple Belly Dance Costume is exactly what you need if you want to look original and fresh on stage. Purple color is associated with mystery.  And Purple is a symbiosis of cold blue and warm red tones, the unity of opposites. It is thanks to the combination of red and blue in different proportions that the purple color has so many nuances and shades. From rich noble shades of plum and eggplant to soft pastel shades: lilac, lavender.

From such a variety, each dancer will choose a shade suitable for your face. For example, an interesting shade – Amethyst Orchid – a color inspired by nature’s brightest flower. Pantone Color Institute named it the color of the spring/summer 2021 season.Or a sophisticated and amazing eggplant color that will suit almost everyone. An outfit of this shade always looks noble and sophisticated, envelops with an atmosphere of mystery. Also pay attention to the combination of purple with other colors, such as gold, pink, lemon, shades of green. As a result, you  create extraordinary and very oriental images.

If you are tired of belly dance costumes of your favorite and proven shades, you want to see yourself in a new way, try to create an image in purple.

Contact us  and we will be happy to send you photos and videos of all available fabrics, then choose the right shade and design to create a unique and perfect purple belly dance costume just for you!

Choose your purple belly dance costume from our Aida Style collection and it will add feminine sophistication and mystery to your look! Online Store Purple

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