Pink belly dance costumes selection Aida Style

Wearing the Pink Belly Dance Costume you will feel like a antique goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. You will shine with freshness and softness. Pink belly dance outfit has a positive effect on the mood of the dancer and the audience. There are many shades of pink (that’s 168 tones in the Panton palette!) From light pastel tones to ultra bright and saturated so everyone can choose their perfect pink. Many famous designers often opt for one of the shades of pink, because tenderness, sensuality and femininity never go out of fashion. Create your dazzling look with one of our selection of pink belly dance costumes.

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Pink is considered the color of happiness, love and romance. It will give you a sense of lightness and ease on stage. It is especially nice to wear a pink belly dance costume in autumn and winter weather, when you miss the sunlight and warmth so much. No doubt a pink belly dance costume is the best choice for small and big princesses.