Custom design

Every girl deserves a unique wear for her performance. Let Aida Style help you design your custom belly dance costume. You get to decide color and design of your costume, decoration for a new costume,  you can choose and customize one of Aida Style’s designs.

Custom size

Your costume would be individually sized and tailor-made to fit your body shape. For a plus-size or petite dancer, a made-to-order wear would look better and could make you feel prettier and more comfortable on stage. We will sew for any size – and we will make sure that it looks great!

We Sew Fast

Aida Style needs only 2-3 weeks to sew a costume – plus time we spend, discussing the design with you. We welcome you to order additional skirts, sleeves, gloves, boleros, and other accessories.


A machine shouldn’t be used to make something as intricate and delicate as a belly dance outfit. All of the dresses and costumes created by Aida Style are 100% hand-sewn and decorated by hand by master seamstresses – layer by layer, rhinestone by rhinestone.

High Quality

Quality is important, when you dance every evening and your costume gets used intensively. To ensure that you will be 100% happy with your costume, we will keep effective communication with you to pick every detail, from overal design and skirt model and fabrics to lace and rhinestones. And when you order a dress with plenty of rhinestones – you can be sure, they will be there!

Quick And Affordable Delivery

We use affordable delivery service that costs only around 30 USD, but delivers within 14 days to any corner of the world. We provide you with tracking number so you can check where your costume is, at any given moment. There are other options available too – you can get your costume as quickly as in 3-5 days from the moment of shipment.


Dance beautifully, passionately, inspire to go further, reach out… Its your destiny – follow it. Costumes of Femme Fatale Belly Dance Collection were made especially for you.

Aida Style sewes oriental costumes for belly dance groups for adults and children. By group costumes, we mean 3 or more, that are going to be similar or same.

Prices for group costumes come with big discounts and are very affordable. Price depends on the model of costumes, fabrics (expencive exclusive fabrics, or our usual sateen/shiffon fabrics), type of decorations, and, amount of stones.

We will calculate the price for your order before actually sewing it, and you can always decide if you want to shrink price more or, maybe, make your group costumes for belly dance richier and more expensive.

The choice is always yours.

Aida Style sewes group costumes for oriental dance only per order, and to individual measurements. We take pride in our costumes being convenient and comfortable to wear. It will fit good, it will be convenient, and, of course, it will have unique design and beautiful look.

To order your own custom sewed costume, please fill in the form below:

    Our customers:

    Kids group costumes

    group costume for kids by Aida Style. Features group dance by Sofia Shaniuk and 2 others
    Kid's group costumes, USA

    Leyla Jouvanna and The Ensemble 2

    Leyla Jouvanna and The Ensemble in their Aida Style costume (25)
    Leyla Jouvanna and The Ensemble, Germany

    Leyla Jouvanna and The Ensemble 4

    Leyla Jouvanna and The Ensemble
    Leyla Jouvanna & The Ensemble, Germany

    Kevy Leow

    Thank you so much Olga and Natalie for the costume and for making our duet costume so matching . We love it so much xoxoxo thank you once again ❤️❤️❤️

    Kevy Leow, Malaysia

    Leyla Jouvanna and The Ensemble

    Leyla Jouvana and Ensemble
    Leyla Jouvanna and The Ensemble, Germany

    Sahara Layla

    Sahara Layla group costume by Aida Style
    Sahara Layla group, Japan

    Ikuyo Funahara

    Thanks to your beautiful costume, We got a very exciting show!


    Ikuyo Funahara, Japan