I am asked a lot of questions about what and how do I do. Here are few common ones.

How to order bespoke costume?

  1. Fill in the form here:  Place an Order
  2. Discuss all details of your costume with me and get payment information
  3. Transfer advance payment (deposit)
  4. See and approve your ready bespoke costume by Olga Aida
  5. Transfer the balance
  6. Receive your costume!

How to buy costume that is available in stock?

How long it takes?

  • new bespoke costume  + standart delivery = 4- 5 weeks;

new bespoke costume plus standart delivery

  • ready belly dance costume from stock + standart delivery = 2-3 weeks;

Aida Style in stock costume plus standart delivery time frames

  • belly dance costume from stock + quick delivery via DHL Express = 3-7 days

Aida Style costume from stock plus speed delivery time frames

Can you copy my favorite costume?

Sure, I will be happy to sew your desired belly dance dress. I’ll do my best in creating exactly that what you have in mind. Why not write and tell me all about it?

Can you make a belly dance dress based on my drawings?

Yes. I will put all efforts needed to make it up to your expectations. Please place an order or contact me for further discussion.

I saw a costume on your website, can you do it in another color / size for me?

Sure, I can make almost any change in accordance with your wishes, as long as the material allows that. Please contact me and we will discuss all details.

I need a costume urgently! Can you make it?

Yes, you can have it within 10 days. Please see Urgent Order for details.

Can you make me a costume from my fabric?

Sure, please send the fabric to me and I’ll make a beautiful belly dancer’s attire for you.

Do you have an office or an offline shop?

No. You can see costumes online at this site or live at fashion shows and festivals.

Do you do repairs?


Do you personally sew all your costumes?

At the beginning I made all dresses myself. With the flow of time, I started to focus more on design, and now I have a team of competent needlewomen to help me with sewing. It ensures that all costumes are accurately and professionally sewed.

I live overseas; can I still order from you?

Of course, Aida Style makes belly dance costumes for women and girls all over the world.

Is it possible to meet you in person?

Yes, I regularly appear on fashion shows and festivals. You can see me and discuss any questions, as well as order a dress or buy a ready one. Please check this page for convenient time and place for you to meet or find me on Facebook.

What is the origin of the costumes you sell? Are you the only one designer there, or some other people work with you?

All costumes of Aida Style are designed by me, together with my customer in accordance with her desires. The sewing itself is done with the help of a team of experienced needlewomen.

How much belly dance suits can you make?

Up till now I was always able to fulfill my customer’s needs. If you wish to order big quantity of costumes, just contact me to discuss the case or place an order in usual way. Be sure I’ll do my best to catch up with your schedule.

What kind of fabric do you use?

There are few types of cloth which go good with oriental belly dance costumes.

Silk-satin – for skirts. It has smooth surface, nice and rich colors, and looks good during dance.

Lycra – for clingy skirts. It sticks tightly on the hips, and allows to perform any movements freely and conveniently.

Lace – for the purpose of decoration and for lacy elements.

I use also guipure lace, velour and others.

How do you fix garnishing on the cloth? Won’t it detach after laundry?

I use two ways to put garment accessories on place – fix with glue and sew down. It can be hand washed with care with a detergent for delicate items only.

How can I order belly dancer’s outfit which is slightly different from those on the site?

I can make almost any adjustments to the suit. Just describe your preferences when placing an order.

Can I order something that is not listed on the site?

Sure, please describe the dress you wish for when filling in the form.

How long it takes until I get my costume?

From 2-3 weeks to 5 weeks.

For details please see this page.

How do you do a delivery? What service do you use to ship my costume? How much time shipment requires?

make a delivery with Post Office or DHL Expres. Post Office service costs 30

USD per package and takes 2-3 weeks. DHL shipment costs from $60 to $70. Delivery time of DHL is about 3-5 working days. For further details please click here.

Can I order faster shipping method?

Sure, you can. Just let me know when you need it.

How can I check where is the dress, after you sent it to the Post Office?

When Post Office or DHL takes a package, it issues a specific tracking number. With this tracking №, one can check where the parcel is, using Post Office/ DHL website. See How to Track the Parcel with Tracking ?


You can tell me all necessary details and requests in during the discussion and I will do my best to meet the requirements. Besides that, Aida Style’s professional belly dance costumes have:

  • elastic belt, so it sits on your hips the way it has to;
  • elastic bra straps;
  • cups of bra with push ups – you can easily reduce the “amount” of push up or add more to get the result you want.

I have big breasts; can you adjust the bra accordingly?

Yes, I would propose structured bra straps plus slightly different bra style, which supports the breasts and at the same time makes it look good.

I have breasts which differ in size. Is it possible to make them look the same?

Of course; the appearance of bra and actual size of its cups can be made different. Bra would look the same on the outside, when in fact I can make one cup be slightly bigger than another. You also can adjust the size yourself by removing and adding material which creates push up effect. Either way, you’ll get beautiful costume with a bra that fits your breasts.

I have wide hips; at the same time my waist is quite thin.

That’s not a problem: I will design the costume keeping it in mind. Your dress will sit on you perfectly.

How should I store my dress?

You can keep your costume in cartoon box or wardrobe trunk, or use a hanger.

Can I iron it?

Sure, cloth of the costume can be ironed, including rigelin parts.

Some of the stones / accessories detached from the costume, what should I do?

Sometimes such happens when you dress up your suit for the first time. Don’t worry: there are from 3000 to 5000 stones on the dress, so few of them (3-10) could possibly detach without any noticeable effect. If it still irritates you, stones can be easily replaced with a glue and similar garnish furniture from your local store.

What measurements you need?

In order to make a costume, I need following measurements:

  • bra size (A, B, C, D …);
  • high hips (upper hips) circumference;
  • lower hips circumference;
  • length from your high hip down to the floor.

Here is the visual explanation on how to find out these.

Aida Style measurements chart

I want to buy a costume from your boutique. How do I know if it will fit me?

Each suit in the boutique comes with a size mark – S, M, L, XL. See the sizes here:


Aida Style size chart for belly dance costumes by Olga Aida

What payment methods do you offer?

Payment can be made with Money Transfer, Money Gram and Western Union. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available, as Ukrainian government does not allow such transactions within my country at the moment.

What is the delivery cost?

Delivery with Post Office costs 30 USD (shipping time 2-3 weeks). Express shipment with DHL costs $60 – $70 (delivery time around 4 working days). Please see this page for more information.

I ordered the wrong size!

If you think you got the wrong size, please write me about it, and attach your photo in the costume. Some troubles are minor and can be fixed easily with little efforts. In case if the difference is huge or needs much work to be corrected, I will ask you to send the dress to me.

I am always open for discussion and do my best to fit your expectations. You will not need to pay any additional money, except for the shipment of the dress from your place to mine.

Cancellation of order

If you wish to cancel your order, please write me about it and we will find an acceptable solution.