Aida Style

Fashion Designer

Welcome to Aida Style! I’m Aida, the founder of Aida Style and its sole designer.

Good belly dance costume is one of the most important things for belly dancer. Even if you are a beginner or an amateur you still need it. Poor belly dance dress could make you look dim. At the same time, great suit makes your dance shine.

“It all began when I started to belly dance back in 2006. I realized that, in order to be successful on the competition, great belly dance costume is an absolute “must have”. The dresses available on the market did not fit my needs – they had poor design, were badly sewed or felt like a full-plated armor on the body.

The solution came quickly – my hand-made costumes had the right size and design, and sit on the body just like your everyday dress.  Soon I discovered the whole new world – my friends and friends of my friends started to order dresses from me for themselves. This is how Aida Style was created.”

THE AWARD Aida Style won the title of “The best belly dance designer” at “Ukraine Belly Star – 2012” STYLE Aida Style studio sews professional belly dance costumes which fit their owners perfectly and are convenient to wear. A team of experienced needlewomen help me nowadays though. Aida Style at TBDFS Stage Costume Design in Tokyo, Japan INDIVIDUALLY Dresses are made for each and every customer individually, taking into account the event, its place and the role of a dress’s owner in it. Every little detail is taken into account to make the costume perfect. It never hurts to be point-device. “I like what I do and I constantly upgrade my skills. Creation of beautiful and comfortable design requires time, knowledge and experience. I am happy that I can make someone’s dream a reality.” Aida Style at Cairo by Night in Paris, France in 2014 WORLDWIDE Aida Style’s belly dance costumes regularly appear on festivals and fashion shows worldwide. Among them – Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive & Festival (Las Vegas, USA), TBDFS Stage Costume Design (Tokyo, Japan), Cairo by Night (Paris, France), and others.