Special Design By Aida Style For Performance on Events With Sewed In Underwear In Blue


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If you dance close to the audience (for example, in a restaurant, a hotel, on a wedding or some other not-a-big-stage gathering) you might not want to wear classic hot pants under the skirt. Here is the solution from Aida Style: Special Design With Sewed In Underwear.

Watch it on the video:

You will receive (costume consists of):

  • Bra (all decorations and necklace included)
  • Skirt (with all decorations, as on the photos)
  • Bracelets for arms – 2 pcs
  • Bracelet for leg – 2 pcs.

Special features of this costume:

  • Elastic bra straps, elastic back holder of bra
  • Detachable (separable) belt. Belt connects to skirt with buttons
  • Special underwear is sewed in to the skirt
  • Bracelets are made with elastic bands
  • Bra cups have double push up effect. You always can add more padding, or remove.


cup size B-C
underbust 74-78 cm
high hips 80-85 cm
lower hips 95-100 cm
length of skirt 98-100 cm


  • Sateen
  • Biflex
  • Stones, chrystals
  • Other