Red Belly Dance Outfit With Short-Long Skirt


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Charming red belly dance costume with “double” skirt. Costume has a mini-skirt at front side, but the back is long flare skirt. Original design is beautiful, and of course, rich – thousands of chrystals are glued on to it all over the bra and skirt. Even the material of costume itself is shiny.

This costume has elastic bra straps and back holder. Skirt is elastic everywhere. Easy to use and convenient to dance.



cup size B-C
underbust 74-78 cm
high hips 80-85 cm
lower hips 95-100 cm
length of skirt 98-100 cm


  • Sateen
  • Hosiery
  • Biflex
  • Textile lace
  • Stones, chrystals
  • Other