Bra And Belt Set For Belly Dancing With Sexy Flare Skirt


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Wonderful costume for pro dancer. Bra, belt and accessories are made with chameleon stones and chrystals, so this set will shine like crazy and fit to pink, magenta, fuchsia and maybe even more skirt colors! Be amazing without extra money – use this bra, belt and accessories with many different skirts and enjoy compliments!

Watch this costume on video:

You will receive everything what you see on photo:

  • Bra
  • Belt (belt is fastened to skirt with buttons)
  • Circular skirt with 2 slits (skirt has underpants in beige color)
  • Bracelets for arms – 2 pcs
  • Bracelets for legs – 2 pcs.




cup size A-B
underbust 70-74 cm
high hips 75-80 cm
lower hips 90-95 cm
length of skirt 93-95 cm


  • Sateen
  • Biflex
  • Stones, chrystals
  • Other