Bordeaux Designer’s Costume


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This feminine costume for belly dancing enforces every line of woman’s body, and creates graceful and charming silhouette.

You will receive (costume consists of):

  • Bra (top) with all decorations, necklace included
  • Skirt with all decorations
  • Bracelets for arms – 2 pcs.


Special features of this costume:

  • Elastic bra straps, elastic back holder of bra
  • Skirt top  (on hips) is nice soft and elastic
  • Skirt has slimming effect
  • Bracelets are made with elastic bands
  • Bra cups have double push up effect. You always can add more padding, or remove
  • You can adjust the size of bra by changing hooks position and adding/removing padding
  • Costume is fully finished – put it on and you are ready to go!


cup size A-B
underbust 70-74 cm
high hips 75-80 cm
lower hips 90-95 cm
length of skirt 93-95 cm


  • Sateen
  • Biflex
  • Stones, crystals
  • Other