Beautiful professional belly dance dresses in “Large” size.

Use measurements inside of the costume page, to decide if the costume is good fit for you. Or contact us and we will check for you.

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  • Belly Dance Costume With Mermaid Skirt

    690.00 $
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  • Snow White Royal Belly Dance Costume For Special Events

    850.00 $
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  • Designer’s Belly Dance Costume In Bright Blue And Gold

    670.00 $
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  • Turquoise Belly Dance Outfit

    570.00 $
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  • Black Belly Dance Dress With Belly Cover

    620.00 $
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  • Professional Belly Dance Set With Bra, Belt, Flare Sexy Skirt & Accessories

    600.00 $
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  • Light Blue & Lilac Oriental Costume

    510.00 $
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  • Classic Navy Belly Dance Costume

    550.00 $
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  • Elegant Black Belly Dance Dress

    420.00 $
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  • aida style belly dance costume in velvet

    Dark Green With Purple Belly Dance Costume

    470.00 $
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  • Dark Blue Flirty Belly Dance Costume

    410.00 $
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  • Feminine And Elegant Belly Dance Dress by Aida

    370.00 $
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