It's amazing!!! I'm always so impressed by how you and the rest of the team really understands the costumers ideas and wishes!


Lets just hope I have made all the measurements correct 🤣

Cecilia Esbjornsson https://www.facebook.com/cecilia.esbjornsson.7

Designer's belly dance costumes and dresses by Aida Style

Aida Style oriental costume feedback photo

Marta Korzun in her  peacock  Aida Style' oriental outfit

Marta Korzun https://www.facebook.com/martakorzunbellydancer

Munique Neith in white Aida Style's belly dance design

Munique Neith https://www.facebook.com/MuniqueNeith

bordeaux group costumes for children by aida style

Suraiya Ibrahim https://www.facebook.com/SuraiyaIbrahimII?ref=br_rs

Dmitry Suminov. Special design of oriental costume by Aida Style

Dmitry Suminov https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.suminov

Custom sewed belly dance costume for Sofia Anarkali

Sofia Anarkali Lamprianidi https://www.facebook.com/sophia.lamprianidou

Sofia Anarkali Lamprianidi https://www.facebook.com/sophia.lamprianidou

White belly dance costume for Afraa Falak Bellydance

Afraa Falak Bellydance https://www.facebook.com/AfraaFalak/

Sunhwa Yoon https://www.facebook.com/ssunbelly

Guan Shengsong https://www.facebook.com/guan.shengsong

Jackline https://facebook.com/jamila.wang.5

Beautiful custom sewed belly dance costume - special for Serena by Aida Style

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Serena Boselli https://www.facebook.com/serena.boselli.7

Leyla Jouvana & Roland & group https://www.facebook.com/orientalfestivaleurope/

Designer belly dance costumes and dresses by Aida Style

Custom sewed oriental outfit by Aida Style

Suraiya Ibrahim https://www.facebook.com/SuraiyaIbrahimII?ref=br_rs

Wael Mansour in Aida Style's  costume

Wael Mansour https://www.facebook.com/wael.mansour.77

Designer's belly dance costumes and dresses by Aida Style

Suraiya Ibrahim https://www.facebook.com/SuraiyaIbrahimII?ref=br_rs

Theresa Dance feedback for Aida Style

The costumes arrived and they are FABULOUS! They fit great and I love them! 🙂 Thank you again so much! I'm going to look through my finances and see if I have enough to order more. LOL!!

Theresa Dance https://www.facebook.com/theresa.dance Custom made belly dance costume with 2 skirts

Claudya Khalida feedback on Facebook

Very beautiful costumes and well made, you pay for high quality. When I ordered it arrived on time. I have 3 Aida costumes and highy recommend the brand and that boutique.

Claudya Khalida https://www.facebook.com/claudy.claudya

Munique Neith in mint Aida Style's oriental costume

Munique Neith https://www.facebook.com/MuniqueNeith

Mika in her Aida Style costume by Olga Aida

This is perfectly my kind of costume.
I feel like as if I'm wearing a wedding dress or more than that!


SaharaLayla in costumes by Aida Style

... they arrived, and fit well! They are beautiful. Thank you!

Junko Hirano

I trully recommend costumes made by Olga Aida. They are always very good quality and fit really perfectly. I have a feeling they are made with real love and passion for dance.

Suraiya Ibrahim

Maïssane Narjis performing in Aida Style costume

Hello dear i received my outfit !!! Thank you so much it is really nice !!

Maïssane Narjis

Munique Neith in belly dance costumes by Aida Style

Olga Aida is the kind of Designer that makes you dream with each of her creations, plus i love the quality of the material used in their costumes also, and all designs are to fall in love.

Munique Neith

Romina Maluf in belly dance costume by Aida Style

As dancer that travels around the world with shows and workshops it is very important for me to have a costume that is glamorous, elegant, comfortable, and shines brightly on the scene, and of course is unique... if it is possible, everyone talks about beautiful dress!

I think Aida's design and costumes had all those qualities! Something magnifique that makes us beautiful!

Romina Maluf

Dyanka Dance in bellydance costume by Aida Style
I just receive the costume, it is awesome ! Thank you so so much !
So beautiful !
I love it !


Leyla Jouvanna and Ensemble in costumes by Olga Aida

Dear Olga, thank you very much for making the dream costumes for us, we are more than happy! Everybody is asking us for your costumes now and where we bought it ... your costumes are extraordinary feminine with incredible design! Looking forward to order some more costumes from you!

Leyla Jouvanna and Ensemble

Marta Korzun in Aida Style costume

Its one of the best costumes that i've ever had! Olga is a fantastic and talanted designer and for me its a big pleasure to perform in costumes made by her. Thank you Olga so much and i am for sure will cooperate with you again and again!

Marta Korzun

Yayoi Miller bellydancing in costume by Aida Style

I wore your white costume at yesterday's show. I got millions compliments from other dancers and people in the audience ❤️ I just wanted to say again thank you for your beautiful work!

Yayoi Miller

Naoko Tsukawaki in designer's belly dance costume by Aida Style

Naoko Tsukawaki https://www.facebook.com/naoko.tsukawaki.9

Leyla Jouvanna https://www.facebook.com/leylajouvana.roland

Leyla Jouvanna https://www.facebook.com/LeylaJouvana.Roland3

Thank you so much Olga and Natalie for the costume and for making our duet costume so matching . We love it so much xoxoxo thank you once again ❤️❤️❤️

Kevy Leow https://www.facebook.com/kevydance

Andalee Owens https://www.facebook.com/andalee.owens

Stefania Alberto Bellydance in costume by Aida Style

Wowwwww....it's so beautiful...i only have the belt in my belly to cut,be cause it's too big for me...but i'm soooooo happyyyyyy❤️thank you

Stefania Alberto Bellydance


Suraiya Ibrahim https://www.facebook.com/SuraiyaIbrahimII?ref=br_rs

Suraiya Ibrahim https://www.facebook.com/SuraiyaIbrahimII?ref=br_rs

Sofia Anarkali Lamprianidi https://www.facebook.com/sophia.lamprianidou