1. Standart delivery. 
  2. Speed up delivery


Standart delivery

Carier: Post Service

Time: 10-14 days;

Price: 30 USD.

Aida Style standart shipment via Post office, 10-14 days

Speed up delivery

Carier: DHL Express

Time: 3-5 days;

Price: 80 USD and up.

Aida Style speed up shipment with DHL Express, 3-5 working days

Both cervices are secure and accurate. I do everything from my side to ensure safe delivery of the dress.

You can always track down your costume. See here how:  How to track the parcel with tracking №?


5 thoughts on “Delivery

  1. I have one your costume and thinking about another one. I love your costume, they are very convenient

  2. That’s how it is!

    I did not know. But look, I am in Japan, can’t you make some about Japan too?

  3. Hello ! New web Site is very good! I want your costume
    My First AIDA Style !!!
    Eastern Flower Collection- Blue white flowers DSC_5071
    and Yellow DSC_4658
    Classic Dark blue DSC_5071
    How much is these?

    IKUYO ( Japan)

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